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Assessment & Implemenation

Simplify the implementation, optimization, and maintenance of your database environment with Database Services. They are designed to offer the following benefits:
• Validated configurations to speed up implementation
• Improved application performance
• Improved security, monitoring and management
• Consulting expertise gained from implementing thousands of database solutions
• Maximize system uptime with flexible options

The Right Approach to Database Services
As part of our vision for the Scalable Enterprise, offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to help you assess, design and implement an MDansby® database solution, efficiently and cost-effectively.


The objective of the assessment is to provide the information necessary to make more informed decisions around your database environment. MDansby Services can provide customers with a holistic solution of their database infrastructure. Our consultants will analyze the current database environment and identify opportunities and issues as you consider optimizing various database servers and storage systems into a better performing and more manageable database environment.

Key activities during the assessment include:
• Conducting a thorough analysis of your current database infrastructure via automated discovery tools and interviews with key personnel
• Defining future state goals, and identifying current gaps for a successful database implementation
• Develop a migration strategy for required database applications and other end-user application data
• Detailed migration plan to MDansby software. (Database migration can also be coupled with an operating system migration from proprietary UNIX)

The objective of design services is to lay the path for success at implementation by utilizing best practices and proven methodologies -- with an emphasis on minimizing disruptions to workflow and IT infrastructure. At the conclusion of the design engagement, you will receive a detailed architecture and implementation plan.

Implementation experts can implement your complete database solution - hardware and software - so that you can you quickly capture the value of the solution. Implementation services include:
• Pilot consolidation and data migration to the new system
• Deployment of enterprise hardware into your production environment
• Installation and configuration of powerful database management software

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