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Data Recovery Services

Don't let your data disappear.
We provide advanced data recovery solutions.

We provide data recovery services for businesses as large as Fortune 500 companies down to the average home user. With some of the most technologically advanced data recovery software and tools in the business, we are able to maintain a success rate of over 90%. What makes us different from other recovery companies is that we are constantly researching the most advanced data recovery solutions. While specializing in raid data recovery and hard drive recovery, we can usually recover data from any storage device. We offer support worldwide and our recovery specialists are available to support you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Free Diagnostics
The diagnostics process will be completed within 3 business days of receiving your media. The turnaround time is 7 - 10 business days.

$99 Same Day Diagnostics
The diagnostics process will be completed within 24 hours of receiving your media. The turnaround time is 5 - 6 business days.

$299 Express
The diagnostics process will be completed within 6 hours of receiving your media. The turnaround time is 4 - 5 days. Work will be performed Monday- Saturday from 9am - 8pm.

$499 Expedited Priority
The diagnostics process will be completed within 4 hours of receiving your media. The turnaround time is 3 - 4 days. Work is performed Monday - Sunday from 9am - 12am.

$999 Emergency
The diagnostics process will be completed within 2 hours of receiving your media. We will work around the clock with this service. You will have a dedicated technician working on your media around the clock until your data is recovered. The turnaround time is 24 - 48 hours.

$2,999 Raid Emergency
The diagnostics process will be completed within 2 hours of receiving your media. We will work around the clock with this service. You have a dedicated team of technicians working on your media around the clock untll your data is recovered. The turnaround time is 12 - 48 hours.

Please keep in mind that data recovery is not an exact science. Our turnaround times are estimations of the amount of hours that will be required to recover your data. Each data recovery case is unique. Therefore, it is impossible to pinpoint an exact ETA.


Same Day Diagnostics:
Expedited Priority:
Raid Emergency:

Contact sales [@] mdansby [dot] com, if you have any questions about data recovery.

Hardware Recovery:

As we know, the hard drive contains a number of disks called platters. The platters are coated with a magnetic substance. They spin at a high speed under a mechanical arm that moves backwards and forwards over the surface of each platter. The files that you store on your computer are encoded into the magnetic substance. Hard Drive Disks are complex. They have a circuit board and a number of moving parts. In terms of data recovery, the first thing that you must evaluate is whether it is a hardware problem that is stopping you from accessing your data. Common hardware problems include a faulty circuit board or problems with the actuator arm. A faulty circuit board is characterized by a drive that does not 'spin up', meaning that platters are not turning underneath the copper wire. A faulty actuator arm or a more serious mechanical error is characterized by an abnormal clicking sound or a grinding noise.

The best advice in determining whether you have a hardware problem is to listen to the sound of your hard drive. If you cannot hear the platters spinning, you should stop using the drive immediately and you will need to send your drive to a hardware data recovery service. Hardware data recovery can be costly, because technicians may need to disassemble your hard drive to fix the problem. This usually needs to be done in a "clean room", as hard drives are sealed to avoid errors caused by dust or other particles. Also, hard drives are finely tuned machinery and it takes specialized equipment to read the platters from a physically damaged drive.

Corrupt file systems:
In some cases, data on a hard drive can be unreadable due to damage to the filesystem. In the majority of these cases, at least a portion of the original data can be recovered by repairing the damaged filesystem using specialized data recovery software. This type of data recovery can be performed by knowledgeable end-users as it requires no special physical equipment. However, more serious cases can still require expert intervention.

Deleted Data:
The Operating System logically divides the hard drive into two parts. One part is used to store data and the other part is used to store its allocation information (Index information). When data is deleted, Operating System updates a flag in the address part of the hard drive, which further helps the operating system to recognize that the following file has been deleted. It simply removes that file from the list of files in the folder. Truth is that the data still appears in the data part of the hard drive and will remain there until the information is overwritten by a new file.

If you are sending your hard drive to a data recovery specialist, you should attempt to obtain an upfront estimate of fees. You should also be certain that if you send your hard drive for quotation purposes, it will be returned to you in the same condition if you choose not to use the service.

Be certain to choose a reputable company as you may only get one chance at data recovery.

Contact sales [@] mdansby [dot] com, if you have any questions about data recovery.

Prices subject to change without notice.



Mdansby customers disseminate information through the Internet, they also must keep in mind that Mdansby does not review, edit, censor or take responsibility for any information its customers may create. Customers are responsible for the same liabilities as authors such as copyright, slander and other harmful speech. Customers are in violation of Mdansby Policy and hosting agreements Mdansby they participate in the activities outlined in the adjacent policies.

Acceptable Use Policy

Mdansby subscribers disseminate information through the Internet, they also must keep in mind that we do not review, edit, censor or take responsibility for any information our subscribers may create. This places on subscribers what will be, for most, an unfamiliar responsibility. Mdansby users place information on the Internet, they have the same liability as other authors for copyright infringement, defamation and other harmful speech. Also, because the information they create is carried over our facilities and may reach a large number of people, including both subscribers and non-subscribers of ours, subscribers' postings to the Internet may affect other subscribers and may harm our goodwill, business reputation and operations. For these reasons, subscribers violate our policy and the Services Agreement Mdansby they, their affiliates or subsidiaries engage in the following activities: Other Activities, Mdansby ther lawful or unlawful, that we determine to be harmful to our subscribers, operations or reputation, including any activities that restrict or inhibit any other user from using and enjoying the service or the Internet.

As we have pointed out, the responsibility for avoiding the harmful activities just described rests primarily with the subscriber. We will not, as an ordinary practice, monitor the communications of our subscribers to ensure that they comply with our policy or applicable law. Mdansby we become aware of harmful communications, however, we may take any of a variety of actions. We may remove information that violates our policies, implement screening software designed to block offending transmissions, or take any other action we deem appropriate, including termination of a subscriber's contract with us.

We also are aware that many of our subscribers are, themselves, providers of Internet services, and that information reaching our facilities from those subscribers may have been originated by customers of those subscribers or other third parties. We do not require our subscribers who offer Internet services to monitor or censor transmissions created by customers of its subscribers. At the same time, subscribers who knowingly transmit materials that violate law or our policy are themselves, in violation of our policy. Similarly, we anticipate that subscribers who offer Internet services will cooperate with us in any corrective action that we deem necessary, in order to correct and prevent the transmission of material that is harmful to us or our subscribers. Failure to cooperate with such corrective and preventive measures is a violation of our policy.
We also are concerned with the privacy of on-line communications. In general, the Internet is neither more nor less secure than other common communications media, including mail, facsimile and voice telephone service, all of which can be intercepted and otherwise compromised. As a matter of prudence, however, we urge our subscribers to assume that all of their on-line communications are insecure.

We cannot take any responsibility for the security of communications transmitted over our facilities. We will comply fully, however, with all applicable laws concerning the privacy of our subscribers' on-line communications. In particular, we will not intentionally monitor or disclose any private electronic mail messages sent or received by our subscribers unless required to do so by law. We may, however, monitor our service electronically to determine that our facilities are operating satisfactorily. Also, we may be required to disclose information transmitted through our facilities in order to comply with court orders, statutes, regulations or governmental requests. Finally, we may disclose information transmitted over our facilities Mdansby necessary to protect us and our subscribers from computer harm, or Mdansby such disclosure is necessary to the proper operation of the system.

We expect that our subscribers who provide Internet services to others will comply fully with all applicable laws concerning the privacy of on-line communications. A subscriber's failure to comply with those laws will violate our policy. Finally, we wish to emphasize that in signing the Services Agreement, subscribers indemnify us for any violation of the subscriber of the Services Agreement, or of law orMdansby. policy, that results in loss to us or the bringing of any claim against us. This means that if we are sued because of activities of the subscriber that violate any law, the Services Agreement or this policy (which is part of the Services Agreement), the subscriber will pay any damages awarded against us, plus costs and reasonable attorneys' fees. oooooooo We hope this Policy Statement is helpful in clarifying the obligations of Internet users, including our subscribers, as responsible members of the Internet and us. Complaints about violators of our policies should be referred to Each complaint will be investigated.

Please read this statement to understand how we will treat the personal information that you give to us. Our privacy procedures include the following:

* We disclose our privacy practices and procedures in this document.

* We do not sell or rent your personally identifiable information to third parties for marketing purposes without providing you with a choice to opt out from such disclosure, which you can exercise during registration or by editing your Member Profile at any time.

* We allow users to opt out at any time from receiving e-mail messages from us or from having information shared with third parties, including selected sponsors or business partners.

* We allow you to access your users profiles and change information as they deem necessary.

Since this policy may change over time as we modify or expand our service, we suggest that you check back from time to time in order to understand how we treat your information. Your use of the Mdansby Website constitutes your agreement to the terms of this privacy policy. If we decide to materially change our privacy policy, we will prominently post those changes on this page prior to the change and provide you an opportunity to opt-out, so that you are always aware of what personal information we collect, how we use it and under what circumstances we disclose it. Your continued use of the Mdansby. Website constitutes your agreement to any such changes.

What Personally Identifiable Information of yours is collected

Information collected online is often defined as being either anonymous or personally identifiable:
"Anonymous Information" refers to information that cannot be tied back to a specific individual. For instance, we may know that 10,000 people visit this Privacy Policy today, but we do not necessarily know their names, Mdansby they live, or their date of birth.

"Personally Identifiable Information" or "PII" refers to information that tells us specifically who you are, such as your name, phone number, or postal address. The amount of Personally Identifiable Information that you choose to disclose to us is completely up to you. In our effort to provide personalized, efficient service, we may at times ask you to submit information such as your name or email address or telephone number. The type of information may include:

* Credit card information to process your request for products, programs, or services.
* Information you provide Mdansby filling out a user survey.
* Information you provide if you contact customer service.
* Data related to the areas of our website that you visit and how often you visit those areas. This is purely statistical data.

You never have to answer any questions, and you can decline this exchange of information at any time. However, if you should choose to withhold requested information, we may not be able to provide you with some of the services dependent upon the collection of this information, such as hosting service.
Mdansby you surf the Internet, your Internet browser (such as Netscape Navigator(r) or Microsoft Internet Explorer) automatically transmits some information to Mdansby. every time you access content on one of our sites. Examples of such information include the URL of the Web page you were just on (known as the "Refer"), the IP (or Internet Protocol) address of the computer you are using, or the browser version you are using to access our site. All of this information may be collected by Mdansby, but is purely statistical or anti-fraud in purpose.

Children Under the Age of 13
As a matter of policy, Mdansby does not knowingly collect Personally Identifiable Information from anyone under the age of 13 or allow such persons to register. If you are a person under age 13 who registered on the Mdansby, no data pertaining to you (including any PII) has been provided to us.

What happens if you leave to go to other sites

Mdansby does not control the information collection and distribution policies on Internet domains other than those internet domains that are under the control of Mdansby itself. Mdansby you are on the Mdansby Website, you may be directed to other sites that are beyond our control. For example, if you "click" on a banner advertisement or a Mdansby search result, the "click" may take you off the Mdansby site. These other sites may independently collect data, solicit personal information, or send their own cookies to you. Mdansby is not responsible for any use of the information including click-stream data, that you may create Mdansby using such third party sites.

What kind of security procedures are in place to protect against the loss, misuse, or alteration of information under the company's control

Mdansby operates secure data networks protected by industry standard firewall and password protection systems. Our security and privacy policies are periodically reviewed and enhanced as necessary, and only authorized individuals have access to the information provided by our users. Even your registration account password is encrypted before it is sent to our computers. Any other particularly sensitive information, such as a customer's credit card number collected for a commerce transaction, is also encrypted prior to transmission.

Mdansby takes steps to ensure that your information is treated securely and in accordance with our Terms of Service and this Privacy Policy. Unfortunately, no data transmission over the Internet can be guaranteed secure. As a result, while we strive to protect your personal information, we cannot guarantee the security of any information you transmit to us or from our online products or services, and you use these services at your own risk. We recommend that you do not divulge your password to anyone. You the consumer are ultimately responsible for the security of your Mdansby Name and password.
How you can correct any inaccuracies in the information

Mdansby believes strongly in providing you with the ability to access and edit the personal information that you have provided to us. To update the information retained about you, or to deactivate your account, please visit the WebSite Contol Panel.

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